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NEW BOOK: “CAPTIVATED BY THE LIGHT: Evolution of a Medium”


My newest book is now available:


When does a person begin to realize they are not just a body operating in a three-dimensional, material world? What multitude of influences converges to change our focus and cause us to cease looking for fulfillment outside of ourselves, and begin turning inward? Yogis call this shift in awareness an experience of “world weariness,” a time when we ask ourselves: Is this all there is?

For Jessica, the moment came quite unexpectedly when the “veil between the worlds” parted and she was illuminated by Spiritual Light for the first time. It’s difficult to describe the Light in human language, because words fail to reflect the brilliance of the colors and the way they vibrate with living energy. Nevertheless, readers of this book will gain greater understanding as to how we are all embodiments of the Light—and the need to manifest more of it in the world.

There is always the potential for redemption, forgiveness and healing. In this testament to the adaptability of the human spirit, Jessica writes with searing honesty of the early trauma that led her to spirituality, and her subsequent journey from darkness toward the Light. Readers will also enjoy her colorful stories about coming of age at the end of the beatnik era, her hitchhiking adventures, traveling with Swami Muktananda, studying with the faith healers of the Philippines, and developing her clairvoyant abilities.


INGRID NOYES, Executive Director, Walker Creek Music Camp:

The author’s writing is so descriptive that when I came to the part about “cups of coffee, sweet and white with cream,” I had to stop right there and go make myself a cup of coffee, and I don’t even drink coffee! Again…her voice comes through strong and true when she describes life in the Philippines, “This is how life should be lived–in a community that first nurtures itself, and then radiates love out in ever-widening circles until the possibility exists for everyone in the world to be at peace and filled with joy.” I have also felt what she describes as “world weariness” and the need for a “shift in awareness.” This book inspires me to meditation in these times of turmoil. I am grateful for the inspiration and entertainment I experienced from reading this book.


This is a wonderful book about the author’s life journey and her searching for answers. To me, it was a book of hope, no matter what life may throw at you, you can surmount anything. Never give up searching for your own answers. A wonderful and captivating read.


The Dignity Project

The theme of healing family of origin experiences weaves through Jessica’s story, supporting the potency of authentic forgiveness. It is within this vulnerability that I could connect Jessica’s gift of mediumship and how distorted views of our lives preclude clear seeing and sharing of Love. 

This is stunning, raw, and honest storytelling. All of the characters entering and exiting are carefully explored and are representative of people in our own stories, in their various expressions of experiencing lack and diminishment. Through Jessica’s emergence from trauma we see that the heart is inviolable. Her true nature reveals itself throughout her early years and comes into full expression through her awareness and acceptance of the wounded human psyche. I rejoiced as she was freed to navigate the energetic dimension where true healing occurs. 



Crossing the bridge from Hood Canal, Oregon into Washington, I felt a lifting of energy, a shift. Everything was brighter and sparkling. The trees seemed greener and more alive.

We were twenty miles from Trout Lake and ECETI Ranch, founded by James Gilliland to study UFOs and other paranormal activity in the area around Mt. Adams. My primary purpose for making the trip was to meet Peter Maxwell Slattery, a world-famous UFOlogist from Australia who was visiting The Ranch. I had recently worked on three of his books. These books were “channeled” through Pete by “Shi-Ji,” a Light Being from the star cluster Pleiades.

Mind you, I went with no expectations regarding UFOs or alternate realities, but I was hopeful I would see something unusual during “Skywatch Weekend.”

It was quite cold the day we arrived, so we took long, hot showers. Afterward, I decided to sit alone in the shower room for a while and enjoy the warmth. Closing my eyes and falling into meditation—which for me is more like a clairvoyant trance—I had a vision of the large field in the center of The Ranch. This field is where the human visitors sit at night to watch the lights in the sky, and also the lights going in and out of Mt. Adams.

In my vision,the entire field was filled with different colors and inter-dimensional beings (or entities). They appeared to be having a party, a meeting. They were laughing and singing and dancing. In the center of the field, an “elevator” reached from the ground up into the sky as far as I could see. Everything appeared as scintillating light.

On the left, some beings were floating gently downward. Arriving at the party, they were greeted by those already in the field. On the right, others were floating upward.

According to my travel companion, the “elevator” is a “portal,” a point of intersection between our physical reality and other worlds.

This vision was magical and indescribable, although some might say the beings in my vision were coming and going to a “mother ship.” I had heard other visitors at ECETI talking about the enormous extraterrestrial ships that sometimes appear over the field, and also the other worlds and dimensions that connect to earth in the ECETI field. Another way to explain this psychic phenomenon is that the UFOs and the beings who inhabit them are in the same space as we are—but in an alternate universe that vibrates at a higher frequency.

I cannot explain this experience, not even to myself, nor do I understand it completely. I merely accept it as a beautiful experience of a peaceful, loving, compassionate presence, a vision of a happy place.

The next day, I met Pete Slattery, who also seems to vibrate at a higher frequency, even higher than some of the great gurus and teachers I’ve meet—but in a different way. Like most of the people I met at The Ranch, Pete is fully heart-centered and focused on service to humanity.

On Saturday night, I braved the cold and sat at the edge of the field for Skywatch with about thirty others. Pete and James Gilliland had laser pointers, and they would flash them up into the sky and shout, “There’s one! [Referring to a UFO.) And, “WOW, look at that one power up.” Everyone was cheering and laughing. I loved it!

My view of reality and the planet we live on was forever changed when Pete handed me his night vision goggles to watch the sky. I could hardly believe how much was going on above me. I observed several bright lights cross the sky and then blink off abruptly. There were also brilliant lights going in and out through apparent openings on Mt. Adams.

I feel profoundly changed by my experiences at the ECETI Ranch. I’m more centered in myself, and I’m hopeful for the future of humanity and Planet Earth. It really did seem—at least for a few days—that we are not alone in our struggles, and that unconditional love is available to all life forms in all worlds and dimensions.

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