We are physical beings living in a material world, which we experience through our five senses. But we are simultaneously so much more. Our physical world in the third dimension merges into the etheric plane and from there into the fourth dimension, which is also sometimes referred to as the astral plane. This alternate universe is inhabited by all sorts of spirits, entities, elementals, fairies, and ghosts—much like the spirits on the television show “Ghost Whisperer,” those unfortunate souls who have died but haven’t yet “crossed over into the light.”

Within the fourth dimension there are many levels, which serve as a graduated bridge, or ladder between the third and fifth dimensions—different theories postulate anywhere from seven to 49 astral levels. This bridge allows for the possibility of making contact with the higher spiritual realms, consciously through astral projection, meditation, near death experience, lucid dreaming, and other means. But, most importantly, in order to experience the higher planes, we must first be filled with good intentions and love for ourselves and others. We must also learn the necessary skills to raise our conscious awareness.

The fourth dimension merges into the fifth, which some people call heaven. Some people theorize there are higher spiritual dimensions, but in most religions and belief systems this is the highest realm a soul can reach. There are many theories about the complex subject of multi-dimensional reality, and what I have offered here is simply my personal understanding. Ultimately we will not really know the complete nature and structure of the universe until we die and cross over ourselves.

My experience is that I am “here” in physical reality, but I am also simultaneously “there” in the spiritual realm. I perceive this “other place” with my inner vision during meditation and when I am working with clients doing energy healing and clairvoyant readings. My book Mediumship and the Flow of Grace discusses the retrieval of information for others, but in this article I’d like to share a few experiences that are more personal.

For the past several years, I’ve attended a class called “Monday Night Meditation” in Ashland, Oregon. Many of the exercises (or “processes”) we do together in class involve visualization meditations while music is being played. Perhaps my most dramatic experience occurred the first time I attended:

We were told to visualize a pyramid and sit inside of it. We were also instructed to be aware of the presence of Archangel Michael, who would protect us as we traveled onto the “inner planes.” Our destination was our own future in this lifetime or possibly a future life.

Our individual pyramids moved slowly around us three times and then a door opened. When I disembarked onto the inner planes, I was surprised to see before me the scene of my own death in the future, perhaps in my mid-80s. Most remarkable was the sensation of being in two places at once. Seventy-five percent of my consciousness was still in the present, but 25 percent was with my future self, which was undergoing the process of dying! As I lay quietly on a raised bed, several brown-skinned women fanned me with palm fronds. Given that I have visited the Philippines numerous times and consider it my spiritual home, I assumed this meant I would die there, rather than in the U.S.

I was aware of my breath flowing gently in and out. In…out, in…out, but then there was no breath in. I felt incredibly peaceful throughout the experience. My consciousness floated out of my body and over a bridge, and then I entered a beautiful garden. I recognized the garden as being part of the fifth dimension by its quality of sparkling, golden light. I trusted this place because I had been there before.

In another visualization meditation, we once again traveled into the future via our personal pyramids. This time, I experienced myself as an enlightened master, except I was a small boy about ten years old! He (who was also me) was giving spiritual blessings to many people, who were sitting at his feet. The scene was reminiscent of paintings I’ve seen of Christ walking among the multitudes, Indian gurus giving darshan, or Buddha surrounded by spiritual seekers. I wondered where this was. I was unsure as to whether it was on the future earth, another planet, or simply in an energetic, spiritual dimension.

I heard a voice say: “There will be no more dirt,” and I took this to mean the earth would be cleansed of war, famine, and hatred—all those things so many of us are hoping for. It also seemed like an agricultural society, a “back to the future” sort of place.

Then I noticed the quality of the light, that same sparking, scintillating light. The entire place was made of it, and this told me I was not on a future physical earth. Perhaps, like many people believe, it was a future earth that was no longer physical, an earth that had become pure energy. When the meditation ended, I was “snapped” back soundly into my physical body, which told me I had been far away, out on the inner planes.

During another Monday Night Meditation we were told to go to a time, place, or person in our lives needing forgiveness. At first, I couldn’t think of anything, because I’ve done so much of this kind of inner work already. But then the memory surfaced of a miscarriage I had in my forties. When I asked the spirit of the child to forgive me for not being able to sustain the pregnancy, a vision of a graceful young woman appeared. She blessed me with a smile and said, “I forgive you, mother.” Peace flooded over me, and I knew the few months we had spent together served a purpose, and that she had gone on to incarnate through another woman.

The last vision I’d like to share also happened at Monday Night Meditation. This time we were instructed to go back in time to who and where we were before we were born into our present lifetime. As I went back through the years, I began to get anxious, especially when I reached the time just after birth. But then my consciousness leapt from my physical body and I landed in the middle of a conversation with a large angelic being. This teacher, or guide, was trying to explain to me that it was time for me to take another incarnation.

I looked aghast at the two people who were designated to be my new parents. Then I turned to the angelic being and said, “I don’t think it’s a good idea!”

A discussion ensued during which the angel explained why it really was a good idea. Finally I capitulated, and instantly I was inside of my mother’s body as she was conceiving me with my father. I felt wave after wave of her negative emotional energy, and it was overwhelming.

Just then the meditation ended. Thank GOD! I must add that having worked with the learning situation of my family for many years now, it was, indeed, a good idea to be born of them.

* * *

Whether or not there is a spiritual growth class or meditation group near where you live, you can begin your own journey of making contact with other dimensions by practicing the simple exercises given below. Just focus your awareness on the Divine—and remember…your intention directs your destination.


Sit in a relaxed pose with your feet on the floor and your hands in your lap, palms up. Imagine there is a cord of any color or thickness going from the base of your spine to the center of the earth. Once you create your cord, it will always be available to ground you. All you have to do is think about it. Your cord can go through solid objects, even if you are on the top floor of a tall building or flying in an airplane.

Next, visualize a large ball of sparkling, golden light about a foot above you. Bring this light gently down into the top of your head. See it moving throughout your body: your throat, heart, solar plexus, and abdomen. Send it down your arms and legs, and back up. Finally, flush the light down through your grounding cord, taking with it any “dis-ease” or negativity.


Begin as above, but instead create a cord attached to the bottom of each foot. Visualize earth energy moving gently up towards you through these cords. Feel it enter your feet and begin to rise up into your body until it has filled you completely. This energy will feel thick and relaxing. Try this meditation when you feel over-stimulated, stressed, or have trouble sleeping.