Jessica’s reading was exactly what I was expecting and I am so grateful for her interpretation. Now I have more of a solid way of approaching my situation. She is an amazing guide and medium. I feel so charged with positivity, hope, and grounding at this time.

You are the best “psychologist” I have ever consulted with, even though you are not a psychologist. Even at my age [86] you have shown me it is never too late to resolve long-standing traumas from childhood.

Your message regarding my sister, who recently crossed over, brought our family great peace.

My hands-on session with Jessica was the most spiritually significant, intense, and beneficial reading and healing I’ve ever received.

Jessica’s clairvoyant reading about our newborn baby girl was prophetic. She covered the past lives of our child and the child’s karma, all of which will enable us in the future to raise her in the best possible way, while honoring the intrinsic spiritual gifts she was born with.

During my session with Jessica, she showed me how to better deal with the anger inflicted on me by my father, who is now deceased. She helped me understand that he suffered abuse and this formed his character. As a result of my work with Jessica, over time, I formed a positive relationship with a wonderful, loving man.

Jessica assisted me greatly in coming to terms with my chosen vocation, and how it was not the best for me and my health. Now I am working towards creating a different and more peaceful lifestyle.

She is an angel in a human body! Her energy is incredible, so loving.

There have been a number of powerful shifts since my healing session. I am more grounded and integrated. It’s as if my circuits are lining up better.

Jessica, you give me faith and heart. Your reading is really, really good. I am in tears. Thank you. I think everyone in my family is so sad and so worn down from fighting that these good words can only be a step forward.

I was depressed for a long time, but my depression was gone the morning after Jessica put her hands on me.

I have a neurologic condition, but since my session, I can walk without my cane.

The day after my session, I felt great peace and more interior space.

Thank you for the reading. It was precise and exactly what I needed to hear. It made lots of sense.

I’ve had asthma most of my life, but when she did magnetic healing, it felt like her hands actually went inside of me and squeezed vitality into my lungs.

She looked at me with her inner vision and saw parasites in my liver, which enabled my doctor to treat the condition correctly.

I feel lighter because, through you, my intuition (which I always have difficulty recognizing and accepting) has been confirmed. I send you my love from France.

My girlfriend’s father passed away yesterday. Thank you for your message, which helped us be with him with more love and understanding in the last few weeks of his life.