Excerpt from Mediumship and the Flow of Grace

We are born of spirit and are spiritual by our very nature, even as we learn to live in flesh and blood bodies. As human beings, we form a bridge between the seen and the unseen, the physical and the spiritual dimensions. The ability to cross back and forth over this “bridge” is natural to all of us, but in some people the ability is more developed; for them, the focus is clearer, the veil between the dimensions more transparent. They are called “mediums,” “psychics,” “seers,” or “channelers.”

To become a medium is to develop the ability to listen from the heart to your own inner guidance and to what spirit has to say—and then communicate the information to others. To be a medium is to receive and deliver messages of hope, love, and healing.

Mediumship illuminates spiritual truth and opens a window into dimensions of reality that exist beyond the physical world experienced with the senses. It’s at the core of the doctrines of Spiritism and Spiritualism, which embrace the concepts that life continues after death, and that while we are still in the physical body we have the ability to communicate with our loved ones who have “crossed over.”

Although my clairvoyant gifts are useful in many ways, my favorite is communicating with people who have left their physical bodies. Often these “ghosts” show up with something quite interesting to tell the living, as with Orville and Martha, Betty’s mother.


My neighbor’s dad, who died at the age of ninety, is an example of a spirit who could be described as a ghost. I encountered “Orville” early in my exploration of clairvoyance, when his daughter invited me to his funeral. I had never met him in person, but I wanted to support her in her time of mourning.

There were about thirty people gathered at the small country cemetery for the service. I took a seat in the back row. After closing my eyes and going into a light trance, I observed Orville sitting on top of his coffin with one leg crossed over the other. He was wearing a red plaid shirt and appeared to be paying close attention to his family and friends gathered around him.

When his son began to give a personal eulogy, Orville turned toward me, shook his “head” slowly, and said, “I’m so sorry for how I treated the children. I was too hard on them, but that was the only way I knew how to be.”

It surprised me that he was aware of my presence, but I smiled and nodded, acknowledging his spirit-to-spirit communication.

After the speeches were over and the family began to drift away toward their cars, Orville continued to sit on top of the coffin. He waved goodbye to them, as one by one they drove away.

The next day, when I told my neighbor about this experience, she commented that her father’s closet was full of plaid shirts.


We sometimes sponsor a healing circle at our home, and Betty was the first to attend. She arrived almost in tears, because it was the one-year anniversary of her mother’s death.

As I began to pray and go into the trance-medium state, I observed (the spirit of) Betty’s mom standing just behind Betty, who was sitting on the sofa. Betty’s mom gave me a look that said, “Okay, what’s going on here?” and then she “sat down” in the chair across from me. “You must be kind to my daughter because she is very sensitive,” she communicated, and then she began to receive energy healing, which was seen as light.

A visit from a deceased loved one is always a great gift for those left behind, and there are several criteria used in the Spiritualist Church to determine whether the visitation is valid. These criteria include a physical description, the age at passing, the manner of death, the deceased’s name, and a shared experience. So I asked Betty’s mom to tell me her name and how she died. She responded with “Martha,” and then she looked down at her chest with an expression of great dismay, as if to say, “Look at what they did to my body.” From this, I assumed she had surgery in her chest area and later died of cancer.

When the meditation was almost over, another spirit came to “collect” Betty’s mom, as though she was a child who had wandered away. I watched in astonishment as they left by walking right through our front door!

After the meditation ended, I described the spirit visitor to Betty and gave her the name and manner of passing. The information was accurate—her mother’s name was Martha and she had died of lung cancer. Betty said that at the beginning of the meditation she had prayed for healing for her mother’s spirit if she needed it.

At this point, Tom came out of meditation and said the strangest thing: “I got a message from a woman. She told me she was very upset about leaving her shoes behind!”

We all laughed, but then Betty told us her mom was obsessive when it came to buying shoes, comparing her to Imelda Marcos. By the time Betty’s mom died, she owned an entire room filled with shoes.


Each spirit visitor represents a fantastic story offering multiple levels of meaning and lessons for humanity, but Lucia was extraordinary. I met her and her father at a healing faire where I was doing hands-on healing:

I had just barely touched the six-month-old baby, Lucia—who lay quietly in front of me, looking very tiny on my large healing table—when a vision appeared. An ancient woman with white hair hanging down to her waist and brilliant blue eyes was staring directly at me. The spiritual vibration of the woman was strong, and I sensed she was the soul of the child before birth. In other words, she was a representation of the child’s higher self. It also occurred to me that she was the child’s guardian angel, but then I realized she was both. It was as though the spirit of the child was contained within the small baby before me, and in the large spirit entity who was staring at me.

“The child will be a great teacher,” said the woman. I repeated her words to the baby’s father, who was sitting across from me, his child lying between us.

Then I began to receive further communications from the woman, who seemed to put great emphasis on the message. I repeated her words out loud to the father, although it was not me who spoke, but rather the blue-eyed spirit woman who channeled the message through me.

“The child will be drawn to Catholicism, but you must encourage her to experience many spiritual paths. Tell her they all lead to the same place—the divine. Explain also the concept of dogma. She will already know this, but you can prevent conflict by exposing her early to many expressions of worship. Take her to church, the yoga ashram, the mosque, and the Buddhist temple.”

At this point, I opened my eyes and looked at Lucia. She was sucking vigorously on one of my knuckles and holding on tightly to one of my fingers. She stared at me intently with her beautiful brown eyes, and her gaze told me that she understood everything I had said. I also felt that behind her eyes were the blue eyes of the spirit woman. Something went between us for a brief moment, and I realized it was the pure Flow of Grace. I had been touched by God in the form of a baby, and it was a great gift. Then she was just a baby again, wanting only the breast of her mother.

Ecstasy filled me for the rest of the day as I worked with other people at the faire. My heart had been opened more fully, my vision expanded to that of the child’s.

The next morning, I looked up the baby’s name and discovered an entry on Wikipedia for a Catholic saint called by different yet similar names: St. Lucia, St. Lucie, and St. Lucy. The word “Lucia” bears the same root as the word “light,” and St. Lucia is considered the Patron Saint of the Blind. She is said to bring light to the darkness—which one of my favorite images in doing energy healing. Truly, darkness cannot exist when we focus on bringing divine light into ourselves and each other.

The entry included an image of St. Lucia, and she looked remarkably like the infant Lucia I had met at the faire—she had the same gentle eyes, delicate features, and almond-shaped face.