These three visualizations can be used to energize, cleanse, and protect you from negative circumstances, people, and physical locations:


Visualize a large ball of sparkling, golden light about a foot above your head. If another color is more appealing, such as green or rose, you can use that color. Slowly and gently, bring this light down in through the top of your head. See it moving throughout your body filling you with light: your head, throat, chest, solar plexus, and abdomen. Send it down your arms and legs and back up to your abdomen. Finally, send the light down through the grounding cord at the base of your spine and into the center of the earth, taking with it any disease, illness, anxiety, anger, or other negative emotion or disturbance. This process is called “running energy.”


Sit in a relaxed pose with your (shoeless) feet flat on the floor and your hands in your lap, palms up. Imagine (visualize) there is a cord attached to the base of your spine that goes down into the center of the earth. This cord can be any color or thickness that feels right to you and it can be made of any material. Once you create your cord, it will always be available to ground you to the earth. All you have to do is think about it. Your cord can go through solid objects, even if you are on the top floor of a tall building or flying in an airplane, because it is made of energy.

Also imagine there is a cord attached to the bottom of each foot that goes down into the center of the earth. Visualize energy from the center of the earth moving slowly and gently up toward you through these cords. Feel the energy enter your feet and begin to rise further up into your body until it has filled you completely. This energy will feel thick and heavy, but not burdensome. This exercise is especially helpful when you are feeling anxious, fearful, over-stimulated, hyperactive, or just generally “ungrounded.”


When dealing with stressful situations or troublesome people, you can protect yourself using energy healing. Simply pull your mind back a bit from the situation and visualize your body encased in a tube of white, sparkling, spiritual light. Affirm that no negativity can pass through this protective light, although you will still be able to interact with those around you.

This tool can be used when you are in a situation with someone who wants to argue or who is otherwise excessively negative or annoying. In this case, you can visualize a large sheet of white light between you and the person you’re having difficulties with. Often this is all that is necessary to both protect yourself energetically, and help the other person calm down. After all, it can be difficult to argue with someone who just smiles at you from behind an invisible, protective shield. Of course, you can remove the light when it is no longer necessary.

Sometimes a specific chakra or part of the physical body needs protection from a person, situation, or psychic attack. In this case, you can create an energetic shield in front of or encircling the part of you that needs protection. For example, imagine you are in a situation at work with a boss or co-worker, and the tone of the conversation begins to make your stomach hurt. Simply create a temporary shield to defect the other person’s negativity.