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CROSSING OVER INTO THE LIGHT: from the Medium’s Journal


A woman in her eighties came to see me recently for a clairvoyant reading. She began by describing a recent dream: she is in a dilapidated, dark house with faded oak paneling, and she doesn’t like the house because, as she says, “I like houses with lots of light.”

There are four ghosts in the house, three women in one room and another who seems especially dark. He is standing by a stairway leading down into more darkness. She realizes it’s the spirit of her husband, Charlie, who died many years ago. She is frightened of Charlie and the basement, and especially the darkness.

Turning her attention to the three female spirits, she realizes she must help them cross over. I’m surprised because I didn’t know she had this ability, especially in the dream state. The first ghost goes “to the light” quite easily, after passing through the client’s energy body with a loud, powerful “whoosh” The other two are more difficult, but she helps them, too.

As I’m listening, it becomes obvious that Charlie, her deceased husband, needs my attention. Evidentially, he had a heart attack and there was some trouble at the hospital. They didn’t do everything they could have done to save him and he died.

Just then, the spirit of Charlie appears directly in front of me. He seems to be listening to the telling of her dream, too. He sends me a telepathic impression that he is really angry about what happened at the hospital. Now it’s apparent he has not accepted the fact that he is dead. Maybe he doesn’t even know he died.

Going deeper into trance, I accept Charlie’s invitation to go down the stairs. At one point, he looks over his shoulder, smiles at me mischievously, and waves his hand to indicate he wants me to follow him. I go willingly, curiously. Even though my client is frightened, I am not – because I know the Holy Spirit is protecting us.

Arriving at the bottom of the stairs, I see we are in a basement. It’s not a physical basement as on the earth plane, but rather an energy field in the fourth dimension, or astral plane, that Charlie has created for himself. The basement looks like any workshop you might find on Earth. There are tools, tables, nails, and hammers. As Charlie walks around, he waves his hand as if to welcome me into his “home.”

Now I understand for certain that he doesn’t know he’s dead, and that possibly the experiences surrounding his death in the hospital have prevented him from crossing over into the Light. Should I help him cross over? I wonder. At this point, I’m thinking maybe I should just leave him where he is. Then Spirit lets me know I should help him.

Once I’ve accepted the task, an energy portal opens above Charlie’s head. He notices it almost immediately and seems enthusiastic. Perhaps he is bored after being alone in a dark basement for forty-five years!

He smiles at me, and as he moves closer to the portal, energy objects appearing like shadows fall away from him. I don’t know what they represent, but I presume they are related to something he needs to let go of before his final departure.

Above the portal, an energy vortex begins to swirl and Charlie is drawn into it. Then he rises up gently, moving towards a brilliant, heavenly Light. Finally, the vortex draws up behind him and the portal closes. Charlie’s spirit has been released into the Light, into freedom.

* * *

After this powerful experience, it was difficult to return to my body. I had been so far away that my brain was not quite connected to my eyes when my consciousness returned. I know this because when I tried to open my eyes I was nearly blinded by the harsh earthly sunlight. It took a minute to get them open and readjusted to looking at physical reality, rather than using my inner sight to view the spiritual dimensions.

My client came out of trance, too, exclaiming, “At the end, the earth just closed over the dark house and the hole where it had been. There was only emptiness left, like a desert. Everything was peaceful after those souls were gone.”

The rest of the day, I was filled with tremendous energy and so much joy I could hardly contain it!

* * *

In my work as a medium, people often bring their deceased loved ones with them when they come to see me (whether they know it or not!). Perhaps the deceased person recognizes the possibility of communicating with the living through me. I don’t really understand this with my conscious mind. I only know it’s wonderful to be able to help people in this way. Certainly, it brings peace to both the living and those who are gone.


NEW BOOK: “Rev. Ramon “Jun” Labo, Jr. Psychic Surgery and the Metaphysical Temple of the Universe and School of Mediumship”





Announcing the publication of my new book, now available on Amazon Kindle ($3.99) and soon in print.

Rev. Ramon “Jun: Labo was born in 1934 in Dagupan City in Pangasinan, Philippines. He healed thousands of people of a wide variety of illnesses over the course of his life using the metaphysical method known as “psychic surgery.” This book is a partial record of his spiritual healing and teaching career during the later years of his life.

Part One details the seminar in mediumship the author attended with Rev. Labo in 2008, in Baguio City. The seminar included lectures in which Jun spoke about his process and how he views health and spiritual healing – his most important advice being: “Don’t get dirty again.”

About the seminar, Jun said, “This school was started to send the students out into the world to their own countries to help others….The Spirit is fire and it is very hot. Touch others with your open palms to heal them.”

Part Two describes individual experiences with Rev. Labo and three other Filipino healers: Esther Bravo, Arsenia del la Cruz, and Romeo Leonen. Part Three offers commentary regarding politics in the Philippines in late 2015.

This book is intended for readers who are familiar with psychic surgery, and who might have met Jun, but also for those who are new to the subject.

The song “Healing Journey” by Gila Antara was often played in Jun Labo’s clinic, and Gila has kindly allowed the author to include a link to her song in this e-book.

Jessica’s Books


Thanks to the photographer Fabio Visentin for the beautiful cover artwork!

*  *  *

Focus on the wider view as you meditate and explore the vast universe that lies inside of you. Imagine you are in a beautiful garden and you are picking fragrant flowers made only of scintillating golden light. As you pick them, sing to yourself, I am a holy child of God, beloved of the One who made me.


This book of channeled messages comes to us from beyond the veil, from the fifth dimension, from the other side—however you choose to think of the non-physical reality we will all experience when we return to our true “home.”

Dictated by the Spirit Being known simply as “Paul,” during clairvoyant communication with the author in her role as a medium, Paul’s Messages cover a wide variety of metaphysical and practical topics: automatic writing, bio-magnetic healing, food as medicine, cleansing the aura, spirit guides, healing trauma and illness with energy and prayer, astral travel and long-distance healing, opening the Third Eye, reincarnation and past lives, ghosts, energy cords, and life purpose.

Paul’s Messages offer healing and guidance for the ailing, clarity for the conflicted, and comfort for the grieving.


Have you felt the soft touch of angel wings while you were sleeping? Did you dream of a beautiful garden? This is your true home. For now, you can live on the earth peacefully, knowing that someday you will go to the Lord’s beautiful green garden in the Golden City. So hold fast to your faith. Let not the mercurial, shifting winds of fate in the physical world lead you this way and that. Keep to the true path that will bring you closer and closer to your true self, to who you really are, and to God.

*  *  *

While you are still on the earth plane, remember to enjoy yourself. Don’t be too serious. You will see your loved ones again after you cross over because we are all born into life after life with those we love—and we are also together between lives in the City of the Lord. No one is ever lost to another. Everything will be lighter, different, when you are no longer constrained by the dense vibrations of physical matter. You will think of someplace and then you’ll just be there, so don’t be in a hurry to “get dense” again.

*  *  *

Ever searching for meaning in even the most simple of happenings, there is a sense of exhaustion. Try to slow down. Just take a deep breath and relax. You are safe now and nothing can harm you. Even if you are standing still, you cannot be violated. Humans have free will and free choice, and this is very important. You have the power to create and make changes according to your own will in finding your destiny.

*  *  *

You can rest now from running. Take a deep breath and know that the Supreme Being of your heart loves you very much. The negative influences you experience can be shifted with sacred love and healing hands. Rather than “running” away from your pain, visualize it dissolving in the brilliant light of divine love—truly, evil cannot exist if we allow God’s Light to shine in the darkness.

*  *  *

Spirit is asking you to write love letters to that small girl inside you—who is also you—until the “well runs dry.” In this way, you can reclaim your birthright as a beautiful creature created by the Lord. The adult woman will not be fulfilled in relationship to the adult man until the child within is acknowledged, loved, and reclaimed. When you write your love letters, imagine you are writing to that small girl who is standing alone in her party dress. Be her friend, and tell her she is loved and lovely.

*  *  *

Remember to thank the spirit helpers who cluster all around you. Visualize them picking away and discarding the diseased cells in your body, very carefully separating the distorted calls from the healthy cells. Later, the final physical removal of your sickness will be almost an afterthought, just a cleansing of some old dead, diseased tissue you no longer need—for your illness will have served the purpose of opening you to the Light, to God. 

*  *  * 

You can let go now. God loves you just as you are, even when you feel like you have made a mistake, or when you feel ashamed. Remember to walk always in the Light of the Holy Spirit. Clean out your closet and buy some new clothes to wear in bright colors. Your time of darkness is over.


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