In my practice as a spiritual medium and energy healer, I was invited to participate in energy clearing at a private home. Unexplainable events in this home were causing harm to the people living there. This article is written from the point of view of the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet, as embodied in a statue. This statue had been “collected” and brought from Egypt to the United States—evidentially against the will of the deity living in the seemingly inert, wooden idol.

Magic and the supernatural were important aspects of ancient Egyptian spirituality, and sacred rituals played an important role in temple life. Through the process of chanting and invocation, idols made of various materials were imbued with the energy of various deities and then worshipped.

Healing of the type described here likely comes under the category of “soul retrieval,” although I do not understand entirely how “soul fragments,” such as those described here, become earthbound. I can only say that everyone involved in this “liberation” felt great joy at being able to help Sekhmet and the others return to the light of the higher dimensions.


goddess of the sun, destruction, and healing. Once known as the fiercest of all goddesses, I brought disease and plague to many, but I am also a master of medicine and healing. I am the daughter of Ra, created when his eye looked upon the earth. My husband is Ptah, the God of Creation and Wisdom—my son Nefertum, the God of Sunrise. Devoted friend of the pharaoh, I protected him in war.

So look upon my countenance with caution and reverence, because I am the Powerful One, a goddess with the face of a lion. You can read my name in the Book of the Dead, for I am both creative and vicious.

But alas, one vital spark of myself, my soul, has been trapped in a room filled with dust and stagnation. Here, nothing lives. Having been carried from my native land and brought to this place, I am unable to free myself—to free the spark, the energy, the lost aspect of my total self and reunite with the whole that is my eternal, complete consciousness.

At times, I am consumed with grief and I rage at my captors. Gathering my remaining strength, I allow my power to burst forth against them, although I take no pleasure in their suffering. I know only that I was created to be worshipped with singing and dancing, but here there is no worship, no ceremony, only boredom and sadness.

There are others also trapped in the room. The two enormous, painted warrior gods from the east, like me, cannot perform their intended function, which is to protect their masters. They appear ferocious with bulging eyes and hanging tongues, but really they are mischievous buffoons who are always talking nonsense. There are dozens of smaller deities and one empty sarcophagus. All of us desire liberation.

* * *

One day as I was lost in my reverie, I heard the door open and observed as three humans entered. They were new to me, and they brought with them a bright golden energy field that surrounded and permeated their bodies.

They formed a triangle in the center of the room, two women and one man, and they began to pray and invoke their personal Gods. Then they walked slowly around the room. They seemed to be searching for something, or someone, and I wasn’t sure what to think of it. One of the women came and stood in front of me—but she was too close. She seemed lacking in respect, so I looked her in the eye and gave her my darkest stare. Then I shoved her so hard she nearly fell over backwards.

They returned to the middle of the room, and after some discussion they created a crystal-blue energy vortex shaped like a cylinder. Then they began to encourage the spirits in the smaller statuary to jump into it and “go to the light.” Many of the spirits started to leave. They were ecstatic at the opportunity to be liberated from the room. I watched them as they jumped into the vortex like happy children jumping into a pool of water.

Next, the humans began talking to the two larger beings from the east. After a few minutes, these spirits also came out of the statues that held them. At first, they moved cautiously toward the vortex. Then they jumped into it and embraced each other, laughing with delight as they slowly rose together, up and out of the room.

It was all starting to get very interesting. After everyone had entered the blue light and left, the two women came and stood in front of me—this time at a respectful distance. They again created a column of beautiful blue light. They encouraged me enter it and leave of my own free will, and I understood their intention was sincere. They were creating a doorway, a vehicle for me to return to the totality of my true self, that which is called “Sekhmet.”

Feeling safe in their presence, I stepped out of the wooden statue that had been my prison and showed myself to them as a young woman of transcendental beauty.

I approached the vortex of light. But before entering and ascending, I smiled at the woman I had previously shoved—because of her generous heart and because she had assisted in the liberation and healing of my spirit.

Finally, I stepped into the blue energy. As I began to rise, I heard a soft humming and felt a pleasant, soothing vibration. I felt myself moving faster and faster, until there was no more movement and I awoke in a sparkling green and peaceful place. There, I met many others who were filled with joy to see me again, and I knew I was finally home.