What is “psychic surgery?” In recent years, there has been confusion about this term, because some healers in Western countries use it to describe their work, when they are actually doing energy healing—which is called “magnetic healing” in the Philippines. The word “magnetic,” when used in this context, refers to the spiritually energized hands of the healer, and the healer’s the ability to draw negative energy and diseased tissue out of the body. A more correct term would be “bio-magnetic,” because this refers to natural magnetic forces in the body, not actual magnets that move metal around.

There are two types of spirit-directed psychic surgery:

  1. The physical hand of the healer enters the body of the patient and removes diseased tissue.

This type of psychic surgery is often referred to as “bare-handed” or “bloody” healing. To better understand it, imagine the body is like a glass of water. When you slip your finger into the water, the molecules of the water separate to make room for your finger, and when you remove your finger, the water fills in the space left behind.

  1. The tissue is drawn to the surface of the body via the magnetic force in the hands of the healer and simply “picked up” and discarded.

In this second type of psychic surgery, the etheric hand of the healer enters the client’s body and removes the energy that creates and supports disease. Similar to the bloody psychic surgery, the energy of disease rises to the surface towards the magnetized hand of the healer. Using their “inner vision,” clairvoyant mediums are able to see the subtle material as it is removed. Several Filipino healers have told me that magnetic energy “surgery” is as powerful—or even more powerful—than the bloody psychic surgery. They’ve also said the blood is for “show,” and they do it to create faith in the patient, which is so necessary for successful healing.

In order for a human being to perform psychic surgery, he or she must enter into relationship with Spirit. He must have what the Filipinos call the “power,” meaning the ability to allow intense higher vibrations to flow through him and into others. Thus, psychic surgery can be understood to involve mediumship, which is the receiving of information and energy from Spirit. The healer uses this spiritual energy to affect positive change in the material world, including the removal of disease from another person’s physical, emotional, mental, and/or spiritual bodies.

I have witnessed and experienced many miracles in the Philippines in my search to understand this incredible metaphysical phenomenon. How can someone stick her hand into the body of another and remove diseased tissue? Have my eyes deceived me? I think not. One thing I know for sure is that illness begins in the energy body, the mind, and the emotions—unless, of course, you live in a toxic environment or you are run over by a truck. Even then, what brought you to the point of such an accident or situation?

If we continue pursuing unhealthy habits, our actions begin to affect the physical body. Thus, true healing must include all aspects of who we are, if our physical health is to be restored. In the words of one psychic surgeon, “Don’t get dirty again.” This simple statement holds an important directive. All your efforts will be useless if you continue to eat poorly and indulge in unhealthy relationships, destructive mental attitudes, and emotional drama. Our healing must first be spiritual. After all, human beings are Spirit made manifest in the physical world.

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DISCLAIMER:  Jessica Bryan does not do bloody psychic surgery, which is illegal in the United States.

Jessica offers magnetic healing and clairvoyant readings at her office in Ashland, Oregon.

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