As readers of my books and articles know, I have traveled to the Philippines many times to visit and study with the healers there. In 2008, I took a course in mediumship with Jun Labo that was organized by Patrick. Unfortunately, Jun had a stroke and is no longer practicing. However, Jun officially recommends Laurence Cacteng for treatment, and I am recommending Patrick’s tours to see Laurence as the best and safest way to travel to the Philippines for healing.

Please visit Patrick’s website for detailed information.


Patrick offers group tours to the Philippines, and in addition to healing sessions with Laurence, Patrick also offers lectures and consultations regarding health. Individual trips are available for those who are not able to travel when a group tour is scheduled.

Patrick is from France and England, and has been living in the Philippines since 2007 with his beautiful Filipino wife. He understands what it means to suffer illness, because he had liver and intestinal cancer in 1991. His health was restored using natural methods, including eating a macrobiotic diet, eliminating the toxins in his body, and receiving psychic surgery.


* In Brazil, this type of healing is  is called “spiritual” rather than “psychic.”

For decades, people from around the world have been visiting John of God in Brazil for healing. Unfortunately, he was arrested for sexual misconduct and is no longer doing healing—as far as I know at this time.

However, John of God is not the only healer in Brazil. There are many other Spiritist centers that provide remarkable treatments during which spirit entities incorporate into mediums to treat disease and carry out astounding spiritual surgeries, invasive and non-invasive. The healing work being done at these centers has long been overlooked, even though some have existed for decades and are bigger and more frequented than John of God’s Casa de Dom Inacio in Abadiania.

Johannes Kaufhold has investigated the doctor spirits of Brazil and their mediums at numerous centers across Brazil for many years, and he hopes to make this fascinating treatment accessible to everyone—health seekers, the spiritually minded, the curious, and even those who are skeptical.

Please see Johannes’ website for more information and to inquire about possible tours to Brazil.





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