BRO. ROMEO LEONEN: The “Happy Healer”


Cell phone: (from the U.S.): 011-63-920-5666-100

Romeo’s fees vary, depending on how far he has to travel to see you.

See last paragraph for information about a great beach resort.

Except from November 2015 travel report:

When I checked into Bali-Hai Resort, the clerk said there was a healer at China Sea Resort. So at the first opportunity I walked down the beach to find out who he (or she) was. It turned out there was a large group of German people receiving treatments from Brother Romeo, a psychic surgeon who also does magnetic and pranic healing.

Romeo came to my room at Bali-Hai the next day with two male assistants. This made me a bit nervous, but I was encouraged because obviously the Germans trusted him.

Wow, what a great treatment. First, he did psychic surgery and then pranic healing, which felt somewhat like Rolfing (deep tissue work) but with a powerful energetic component. He said it was to “stimulate my circulation.”

According to the great medium Edgar Cayce, cataracts are the result of poor assimilation and elimination, which results in calcium being deposited in the joints as arthritis, in the kidneys as stones, and in the eyes as cataracts. Knowing this, I was grateful for the treatment I received from Romeo to improve my circulation.

For part of the treatment, Romeo and his assistant did energetic massage at the same time, which was quite enjoyable. Over the next 24 hours, almost every joint in my body self-adjusted, including four ribs on my right side in the area of an old accident. Bro. Romeo also blessed my chakras and told me how to make my own coconut massage oil.

Bro. Romeo seemed ageless, but he said he was 55 and that he started doing healing when he was 14 under the guidance of Baguio healer Jose Segundo, now deceased.

If you are interested in seeing Romeo individually, contact him and coordinate your schedule with when he has a tour scheduled at China Sea. If you bring your own group of at least five, he will travel down to China Sea to meet you. Bro. Romeo is also available to teach healing.

You can also visit him at his home in Ilocos Sur, which is north of La Union. The beautiful, old Spanish town of Vigan is just south of Ilocos Sur, and it’s worth a visit just to see the architecture. There is also an airport nearby, making it possible to fly directly from Manila and avoid the long bus ride.


To get to these beach resorts from Baguio, take a taxi to the bus station called “Gov Pak” and catch the “Partes” bus. It takes approximately two hours, and the road down from the mountains twists and turns. If you tell the bus driver you are going to China Sea Resort or Bali-Hai, he will let you off across from the entrance. The cost for the bus is 91 pesos ($2).