First, let me identify the characters in this article. Peter Maxwell Slattery lives in Australia and Shi-Ji is a Light Being from the Star Merope in the Pleiades. She communicates clairvoyantly through Pete,

Healing at any level can come in the most unexpected ways. Before I started editing Pete’s books about UFOs and other  metaphysical phenomena, I was plagued by an entity attachment that was called (as I found out later) a reptilian, a particularly nasty creature of the lower astral plane. It never caused serious damage, but it was irritating. 

While working on Pete’s first book about his experiences with Shi-Ji, I was fortunate to meet her in a deeply personal way. The first day I started editing, I was suddenly seized by the need to lie down. My body became so heavy I could hardly stand up. After lying down, I immediately felt the nasty entity being gently peeled off my back by Shi-Ji! I am clairvoyant and was able to see this with my inner vision. Afterwards, I fell deep into meditation and woke up feeling greatly relieved. About two weeks later, the entity tried to return, but Shi-Ji swooped in and blocked it. Now, after eight years, I’ve never been bothered by this again.

After this experience, Shi-Ji began coming through me when I did energy healing for others. I always know when she is helping because my spirit guides show themselves in different colors. Shi-Ji is bright pink and she is very fast, so fast that I can hardly keep up with her energy as it moves through me and into my clients.

Sometime later, I had another amazing experience related to Shi-Ji. While meditating, I watched as a stream of symbols and letters rolled through my consciousness. It looked like a “ticker tape.” This tape moved so fast I couldn’t comprehend what it meant. I knew only that surrender to the process was required. This experience is likely related to what some call receiving “keys and codes,” information designed to move a person further along in spiritual ascension to a more highly-evolved consciousness.

In 2019, my eye doctor said my eyesight was getting worse and I would very likely fail the vision test required to renew my driver’s license. Soon after, Pete told me that Shi-Ji wanted to write another book and they wanted me to edit it. I told him about my eyes and that if Shi-Ji wanted me to be the editor, I would need help with my vision. Thus, Pete and Shi-Ji, embarked on several healing sessions to help preserve my vision.

The healing went on for a few days. During this time, while meditating, my body was manipulated dramatically by unseen spirit hands. At one point, my right eye was actually moved in a manner somewhat like a chiropractic adjustment. Just to be clear, it was Shi-Ji’s energy that caused my own hand to grab my eye and move it – something I would definitely not be capable of in normal waking consciousness.

During another session, I blacked out completely, only to “come to” with my body vibrating on the bed. I suspect I had been taken “somewhere else” for further treatment, but I have no awareness of what happened. Overall, it was remarkable how much blocked energy was removed from my body during these healings. Needless to say, I passed my driving vision test, and, so far, I have edited eight of Pete Slattery’s books, with a ninth one soon to manifest.

More recently, I have experienced post-Covid damage to my spine and nervous system, so I asked Pete and Shi-Ji for help. During the first of several “Clearing” sessions, energy poured in and manipulated my body in ways I never thought possible, including the break-up of scar tissue in my lungs and between my ribs. As a result, I went from almost total rigidity to the ability to breathe and move as normally as any other 76-year-old.

This mostly physical and energetic healing was followed by more subtle healing of my chakras. During this aspect of the Clearings, an unseen hand gently moved my head forward so a beautiful blue, iridescent light could flow easily into the base of my skull. The same light flowed into all my chakras.

On the final day, Pete and Shi-Ji appeared in my clairvoyant vision standing side by side. They smiled at me and then merged sideways into each other slowly, until they appeared as one. With this, I understood their relationship, which is the same relationship we all have with the Spirit World. We are never truly alone. And even if sometimes we can’t see or feel them, Spirits from the higher realms and other dimensions are standing by to help us. All we have to do is ask.

Before you sleep at night, ask the Higher Beings, your Spirit Guides, to make themselves known to you in your dreams – and always remember to use any healing gifts you receive to serve others.