Temple of God of Espiritista Christiana, Inc.

Centro Silaw ti Biag

#537 Nagkayasan Sur. Urdaneta City, Pangasinan 2428

(On the MacArthur Highway 3-4 miles south of the Urdaneta crossing)

Telephone (from the U.S.): 011-63-919-603-4437 (answered sporatically)

Healing by donation.

Hotel recommendation: Lisland Rainforest Resort,


Esther’s Chapel: 2015

Even with several fans going, the chapel is usually quite hot and filled with Filipinos and people from around the world. There’s a small shop that sells bottled water, snacks, and toilet paper. Note that Esther does not allow taking photographs because the flashing lights are distracting. Also, her schedule changes frequently, so it’s best to ask around until you find out when she’s expected.

As a healer and medium, Esther works while in a deep trance. She becomes a vessel to receive and hold the energy of the Holy Spirit, which she then transmits to others. While in trance, her face seems to shimmer and flow like water or light. She reminds me of pictures I’ve seen of Mother Mary, and watching her work in trance is mesmerizing.

Esther’s simple chapel was filled to capacity when I arrived and healing was in progress. I took a seat and waited for my turn. When my name was called, I went to the front of the room, got on the healing table, and told her my eyes were bothering me.

She began manipulating my chest and removed several small blood clots from the area of my heart—she has done this before on previous visits. Next, she worked around my eyes, but it’s difficult to say exactly what this felt like, other than gentle pressure. Then, with her hand resting lightly on my chest, she looked at me and said, “Just continue to do your work in service to the Lord.”

After receiving brief massage from her assistant, who also put medicinal drops in my eyes, I returned to my seat and continued watching the flow of people as they got on and off the table. To many, she offered diagnosis and instructions, and I believe it’s fair to say Esther Bravo is a highly developed medical intuitive and healer, and her abilities are expanding with each passing year.

When the session ended, I observed Esther lean forward and slap her hands hard on the table. Then she turned slightly, yawned, and came towards the main part of the chapel, holding onto the railing for support. She sat down next to me and we spoke for a few minutes.

“Why did you slap the table?” I asked her.

“It was the Holy Spirit leaving,” she replied.

* * *

Here is another account of being with Esther, from my visit in 2014:

A rooster was crowing, asserting dominance; the very pregnant cat cried for food; and somewhere close by a cockatoo was singing. At the front of the chapel, an elderly man was pounding the podium as he preached from the Bible in Ilocano, his voice rising and falling in musical cadence.

We meditated for about an hour as we waited for Esther, and when she arrived the room was filled with anticipation and reverence. She seemed to be in a trance state, her black eyes flashing and brimming with compassion.

“Be not prideful, but be humble, and especially honor the gifts you have received from the Holy Spirit. As you receive, also give,” she said.

“Do not speak aggressive words to another, because it will fill your mind and heart with darkness. Remember the Lord and be always in the light.”

Next came the ceremonial blessing of the water, bottles of which were piled high on the altar at the front of the room. Esther’s hands were raised in blessing as she murmured heartfelt prayers in her native language. Then we formed a line and she began doing “spiritual injections.” One by one, we went up and stood before her.

– To understand the term “spiritual injection,” visualize the thumb of your right hand going between your first two fingers. Then, imagine your fingers opening quickly and “shooting” or “injecting” energy into another person.

Holding up a sheet of white paper, Esther used it as a “scanner,” or “X-ray,” moving it quickly over each person’s body. Then “scooping” the energy of the Holy Spirit from the Bible (held open by her assistant) she “injected” the Holy Spirit into each person in several places. When it was my turn, she touched my forehead and whispered “Bless You.” One man, an Italian with obvious symptoms of a stroke, had to be escorted by several friends up the stairs. A baby cried in the back of the room, some people were moaning, a young girl could be heard singing quietly to herself.

With her golden brown skin, long straight hair, arched eyebrows, and a sprinkle of freckles across her cheeks, Esther seemed tireless. A thin line of perspiration formed on her upper lip as the line of people before her went on and on, until finally everyone in the room had received the Holy Spirit. Her incredible strength of purpose is a powerful teaching—keep your eyes on the goal of doing the Lord’s work and do not waiver.

The injections completed, Esther seemed to turn even more inward as she focused on her inner sight and began doing psychic surgery on an elderly woman. A brief nod of her head or a quiet word, and her assistant would call the next person by name. Each, in turn, would get on the table in front of her, their shirts raised high and pants pushed low. When necessary, an assistant held up a sheet for privacy.

When it was my turn, Esther removed small blood clots from my heart and told me I had calcium deposits on my left kidney. This was later confirmed by another healer, who removed a lemon-sized mass from my left kidney. Holding it up for all to see, he said, “It’s calcium.”

For a few years, I’d had some discomfort on my left side, but I assumed it was structural and related to my ribs. However, after the calcium deposit was removed from my kidney, the pain I’d been having gradually started to go away, and after six months it was completely gone.


As of this writing in early 2017, as far as I know Esther is still doing healing in Urdaneta, although sometimes she goes to her retreat in the mountain. If anyone reading this has further information of her current activities, please let me know. Thanks! Jessica