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Arsenia is the daughter of Eleuterio Terte, who was the first person to do spirit-directed, barehanded, psychic surgery. He was born in San Fabian, Pangasinan in 1905 and died in 1978 in Baguio. His parents were deeply involved in the Union Espiritista Christiana de Filipinas. In his book The Secret Teachings of the Espiritistas, Harvey Martin offers a detailed discussion of the Union and it’s ongoing presence in the Philippines.

In 1927, while he was extremely sick, Terte had a dream in which two angels appeared and offered to heal him—if he, in turn, would heal others. When he recovered, he was baptized, and during the ceremony the church medium told him that he had been chosen by God to do magnetic healing. Terte began his practice, but then he was captured by the Japanese during WWII. After the war, the two angels appeared again and told him they would teach him a “new method of spiritual healing.” This is the barehanded, bloody, spirit-directed psychic surgery as we know it today.

Arsenia del la Cruz, Terte’s daughter, still lives in the family home in Baguio, where she does spiritual healing. During our initial conversation, Arsenia told me she had lived in California for about six years and worked at the Berkeley Psychic Institute (“BPI”) teaching mediumship and doing healing. But then she became homesick and returned to Baguio. I was impressed by her gentle strength and how much she resembled her father, both physically and energetically.

Here is a quote from Arsenia’s BPI teaching manual on the subject of mediumship:

“Paranormal healing is the highest form of healing therapeutics. The healer relies absolutely on the Will Power of God. The process and methods used are according to the Divine Spirit, not the healer himself. The healer is just an instrument, or channel, of the Divine Power. This type of healing can only be accomplished by highly transcended and transmitting mediums.

Medium healers possessed of a perfectly harmonized state of mind, heart, body, and spirit can charge and transfer the cosmic rays of light, or electro-energy, into the patient’s spiritual mind, and thereby set up the vibrations necessary to restore health.”

When I got on Arsenia’s healing table, she began doing deep massage on my abdomen and chest. Her hands seemed to instinctively know every problem I’d ever had. She put quite a bit of effort into “moving the air down and out of my stomach.”

The session lasted about thirty minutes, during which she covered everything—including adjusting the broken bone in my left foot, which has now finally stopped hurting! (It felt like spirit-directed chiropractic!) Throughout the treatment, she flicked away bits of tension and negative energy from both my physical body and my energy field. By the time she finished, I felt totally “clean” and renewed.

The next day, I had the good fortune to receive another healing from Arsenia. This time she focused primarily on my eyes. At one point, she held my right eye open and did energy healing above it. Then she put Holy Water in my eye.

When the treatment was finished, Arsenia left the room and returned with two glasses of water. She asked me to put one hand on the Bible of her father—obviously a beloved family treasure—and then bless the water in one of the glasses. Putting my left hand on the Bible, I went into a spontaneous trance. Then energy from the Bible began to flow into me, and through me into the water. When I tasted the water in both glasses, much to my surprise the blessed water actually tasted better! Arsenia suggested I try this simple healing experiment with others.

Then she asked me to open the Bible at random and read aloud the first passage I was drawn to. This common practice in the Spiritist churches is usually done by a medium in trance. My “message” was about building a church, something I’ve thought about for a long time but have no idea how to do. Perhaps I’ll meditate on the deeper meaning of the word “church.”

Afterwards, we talked at length about her father. She told me that even he was surprised when he received the gift of doing spirit-directed psychic surgery. Over his lifetime, he trained many other highly accomplished healers. She told me the number one requirement for doing spiritual healing is humility.

She referred to him as “Father” in a reverent tone as though he was her earthly father but also her Spiritual Father. She told the sweet story of his death in 1978, how she cared for him and his request to leave this world while looking out of the window as the sun was coming up.

During both of my healing sessions with Arsenia, I felt the strong presence of Eleuterio Terte. His vibration came through his daughter while she was working, and when I looked at his photograph on the wall he seemed to be smiling directly at me.

Should you find yourself in Baguio City, be sure to visit Arsenia Del La Cruz, and give her my kind regards.