After a lengthy illness related to liver disease, it was necessary to help our beloved 17-year-old cat, Mr. Friendly make his exit from this physical world. So we hired a vet, who came to our house and administered life-ending medications. He had a very peaceful passing.

After his body died, I went into deep meditation. (I’m assuming if you are reading this that you know I am clairvoyant and a medium). During meditation, I focused my inner vision on my partner Tom and Mr. Friendly, who were still in another room coming to terms with the death experience. Tuning into them, I observed a brilliant golden light enter and fill the room. I saw that Mr. F.’s spirit was still with his body; he seemed confused about what had happened. 

Then a group of 4-5 tiny angels came fluttering all around him. They beckoned him to come with them. They looked a bit like little fairies. Mr. F. saw them and he lifted up out of his body and began moving away with them.

“What about Tom?” I asked. In answer, I saw Jesus standing next to him, pouring golden light into his crown chakra. Finally, Jesus put his hands on Tom’s head in a blessing.

The vision moved spontaneously to Paula, the vet who helped Mr. F. make his exit from physicality. Jesus was with her now and helping her process her experience. I couldn’t hear or see any of it, because this sort of thing is private. But I did realize that she is also affected by her work–how could she not be? I realized that she also needs help to process her experience.

Finally, I checked back with Mr. Friendly. He had arrived in a celestial place I call “animal heaven,” still surrounded by the little angels. They were moving away together and it looked like they were “showing him around” his new life. Animal heaven is an incredible place filled with joy, because in spirit there is no time or space or limitations. And best of all, there is no gravity, so of the spirit animals there are not restrained in any way. They can run and play and fly in the air freely.

As I was watching Mr. Friendly moving further away from me, he stopped and turned towards me. He looked into my eyes with his beautiful, green almost human eyes and said, “Thank you.”

There is deep suffering and sorrow because of the current human drama, but there is also great peace in knowing what’s beyond our earthly experience.

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