NEW BOOK: “CAPTIVATED BY THE LIGHT: Evolution of a Medium”


My newest book is coming out mid-January, 2021. It will be available directly from me for $18, including postage. E-books will be free. It will also be available on Amazon. From the back cover:

When does a person begin to realize they are not just a body operating in a third-dimensional, material world? What multitude of influences converges to change our focus and cause us to cease looking for fulfillment outside of ourselves—and begin turning inward? Yogis call this shift in awareness an experience of “world weariness,” a time when we ask ourselves: Is this all there is?

For Jessica, the moment came quite unexpectedly when the “veil between the worlds” parted and she was illuminated by Spiritual Light. It’s difficult to describe the Light in human language, because words fail to reflect the brilliance of the colors and the way the Light vibrates with living energy. Nevertheless, readers of this book will gain greater understanding of how we are all embodiments of the Light—and the value in manifesting more of it in the world.

There is always the potential for redemption, forgiveness. and healing. In this testament to the adaptability of the human spirit, Jessica writes with searing honesty of the early trauma that led her to spirituality. Readers will also enjoy her colorful stories about coming of age at the end of the beatnik era, her hitchhiking adventures, traveling with Swami Muktananda, studying with the faith healers of the Philippines, and developing her clairvoyant abilities as a medium.

Jessica’s journey from the darkness to the Light is meant to entertain and encourage others who are struggling with their own difficulties and bring peace and understanding. 

About mediumshipandtheflowofgrace

Jessica Bryan was certified as a lay minister and magnetic healer in 1995 at the Faith in God Spiritual Church, Pangasinan Province, Philippines. She does clairvoyant readings long-distance and at her office in Southern Oregon. Energy healing is available in person only. In addition to her work as a Spiritual Medium, Jessica is a freelance editor, specializing in spiritual, metaphysical, self-help, and alternative medicine books. She is the author of "Psychic Surgery and Faith Healing: Revised Edition," "Mediumship and the Flow of Grace," "Rev. Ramon "Jun" Labo, Jr.: Psychic Surgery and the Metaphysical Temple of the Universe and School of Mediumship," "The Wisdom of Hilarion," and "Love is Ageless: Stories About Alzheimer’s Disease ."

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